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VW 1900cc (1.9) Turbo Diesel
VW 1900cc (1.9) Turbo Diesel
VW 1900 Turbo Diesel AAZ Engine

VW 1900 Turbo Diesel AAZ Engine Complete imported from Germany. Prices vary depending on German exchange rate and mileage. This engne came in the 1993-1997 Golf, Jetta and Passat. It can be used in Various Vw applications and conversions so please call to discuss options for your VW project 760-241-9504. Prices subject to change without notice.

75 HP @ 4400 RPM and 114 ft. lbs. of torque @ 2200-2800 RPM.

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Article # TH 521
$ 2499.00
TH 521
VW 1900 TD Engine used complete AAZ

VW 1993 thru 1997 Golf, Jetta, Passat Complete engine. This is a complete running engine that came out of a running vehcile in Germany. Low miles. Has the K14 turbo. Great for that upgrade to your Rabbit Pick up Truck, The Samurai conversion or that Vanagon Conversion. Call us to discuss what best suits your need.

VW 1900 TD: Engine code AAZ

This one has the K14 Turbo,  clean, nice runner.

Miles: 72,900

75 HP

114 Ft. Lbs of Torque

3 Month warranty


Article # TH 522
$ 2099.00
TH 522
VW AAZ 1900 Turbo Diesel AAZ Eco used Engine

VW AAZ 1900 Turbo Diesel ECO Used complete Engine. The injector lines are bent, The upper timing cover is broken, Cooler does need to be replaced, Clean Engine, K14 Turbo.

Miles: 79,200


Article # TH 524
$ 1899.00
TH 524
VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete used Engine

VW 1900 AAZ Engine, Rated 3 Runs good. Engine is dirty, No Alternator, No upper Timing cover, K03 Turbo

97,600 miles 1899.00


Article # TH 525
$ 2999.00
TH 525
VW Rebuilt 1900 TD AAZ longblock

VW Rebuilt 1.9 TD AAZ, with new head, pistons, bearings, Block machined. Done by Motorenschmiede Knoblich Germany. Longlock no oilpump 6 month warranty,

0 Miles



Article # TH 527
$ 2499.00
TH 527
VW 1900 TD AAZ: Complete good used running engine Golf, Jetta, Passat

 VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete good used engine. The upper timing cover is cracked. Call us for more info. Come on in. We have what you need. 

Miles: 83,600

3 Month Warranty


Article # TH 529
$ 2449.00
TH 529
VW 1900 TD AAZ: Used complete Engine

VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete engine. This is a solid engine with a K03 Turbo. Call me we can discuss further this or any other engine in my inventory.

Miles: 88,200

3 month warranty  

Article # TH 530
$ 1899.00
TH 530
AAZ VW 1900 Turbo Diesel Complete Engine

VW 1900 TD  AAZ Complete running engine. This engine has the Garrett T2 Turbo on it, There is no intake hose. It has 91,600 miles. I am selling this AS IS for those who often ask "Anything cheaper?" here ya go. Call me for more info after you have viewed the video.

Miles: 91,600



Article # TH 531
$ 2599.00
TH 531
1900 AAZ used VW complete running engine Passat, Jetta, Beetle, Conversions

VW 1900 TD AAZ complete good used engine with a KO3 Turbo The alternator is bad and the upper timing cover has a small hole. You can use yours or I have new ones if youd like. 

Call for more information on this or any of our inventory.

Miles: 81,300 

3 month warranty


Article # TH 534
$ 1999.00
TH 534
VW 1900 TD AAZ Engine: 93-97 Golf, Jetta, Passat

1900 Turbo Diesel AAZ complete good used engine. Fits the Jetta, Golf, Passat 1993 thru 1997 models. This engine is also very popular for the Samurai conversion and conversions on Vanagons and Rabbit Pick ups. This one has a K14 Turbo, it is rusty and has no upper timing cover. The Alternator connector is broken but you can use yours.  Call me for more info 760-241-9504


Miles: 92,400 

Article # TH 535
Sale Item
$ 1899.00
TH 535

Here is a cheap fixer upper. Many of you love these, get your hands dirty. Make something old  new...Engine magic done by you. This has a slight miss at idle, K03 turbo, Call me if you need some more info. Watch the video. AS IS one way to get it cheaper. 909-391-6979

75 HP @ 4400 RPM

114 ft. lbs. of torque @ 2200-2800 RPM

Miles: 91,200






Article # TH 539
$ 2699.00
TH 539
VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete used Engine

VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete used engine. Clean AAZ with AC, K03 Turbo. 

Miles: 78,900

Call for more information on this engine or any other. 

Article # TH 540
$ 2399.00
TH 540
VW 1900 TD AAZ Complete Engine Used

VW 1900 TD AAZ, ECO, Rated 1 10-22-18, Alternator connectgor broken, EGR tube is bent, smooth runner, Garret  (could not read Th writing for the word that should be here) turbo.

72,600 Miles


Article # TH 541
$ 2359.00
TH 541
1900 VW TD AAZ Engine ECO Used 1993-1997 Jetta, Golf, Passat

VW 1900 TD AAZ ECO complete used running engine. Low miles This one has a garrett Turbo, decent looking, considering how they all look when they are pulled out. We do our best, The alternator is broken, w. the AC Bracket.

Miles: 79,400

3 Month Warranty 

Article # TH 544
$ 1899.00
TH 544
VW 1900 TD Complete ECO Used Engine: AAZ

 1900 AAZ Turbo Diesel Complte used engine. This is the ECO Version of the Engine. This one has the Garrett Turbo on it. The water pump does have a leak. We recommend replacing anyway with your purchase. The waterpump is 69.00. I am selling this engine AS IS. So if you were looking for the diamond in the rough here it is. Change a part you were gonna change anyway and give it a little TLC . Great for those of you concerned with a bit better fuel economy. 

Miles: 91,600


Article # TH 553
$ 2399.00
TH 553
VW 1900 TD AAZ: Used Complete ECO

VW 1900 TD AAZ ECO COMPLETE RUNNING ENGINE: Used pull out. Save some money on this unit. Great engine, it is a bit rusty. Call for more info after you watch the video. 760-241-9504


Miles: 89.600

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 556
$ 1999.00
TH 556
1900 VW TD Engine. AAZ complete engine

1900 VW Turbo Diesel engine complete used this has a K03 turbo on it, front of the engine is really clean the back has some rust, the Alternator connector is broken, 1 stud on the turbo is broken, late syle pump, Needs some  TLC.  I just dont have time to fiddle with it today so here it is at a reduced price. Call me we can discuss further.  760-241-9504

Miles: 89,200


Article # TH 561
$ 1799.00
TH 561
VW 1900 TD AAZ Engine: complete running used

1900 Turbo Diesel: AAZ Complete used engine, K14 Turbo, Clean, No alternator, no upper timing cover, The alternator bracket is not there either. You can just swap yours. This engine is being sold as is to keep the cost down for those of you looking for something "CHEAPER". Came in various VW applications and is used for many styles of conversions. call for more information.


Miles: 92,300



Article # TH 587
Sale Item
$ 1799.00
TH 587
SALE VW 1900 TD AAZ Engine

This is a complete VW 1900 Turbo Diesel AAZ Engne. Decent runner could use some TLC a bit dirty and rusty. This does have the K03 Turbo which is appealing to many consumers bigger turbo more boost. Used in various VW applicartions from 1993-1997 Jetta, Passat, Golf. This is popular option for conversions because there are no electronics involved. Call me if you have any questions I would be happy to help you decide which engine is best for your need.

Miles: 96,800




Article # TH 591
$ 1799.00
TH 591
VW 1900 TD AAZ Engine


909-391-6979 Selling this VW 1900 Complete good used VW 1900 turb diesel AAZ engine AS IS it does smoke and misses on High RPM. Fixer upper for the tinkerer in your life. Has a Garrett T2 Turbo.

75 HP @ 4400 RPM

114 ft. lbs. of torque @ 2200-2800 RPM

Milesl 98,400