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Sprinter / Mercedes 270
Sprinter / Mercedes 270
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Article # SP 4
$ 3899.00
SP 4
Mercedes E270 CDI: Freightliner: Dodge: Sprinter:

This engine transmission combo was removed from a 1999 Mercedes E-Class 270 CDI. The car had 100.000 KM which equals 62,500 miles. This engine is considered barely broken in because they are known for longevity. The engine coded is OM612DE. This engine is basically the same as the Dodge, Mercedes, Frieghtliner, Sprinter engines sold from 2001- 2006. So getting parts for this long block should be no problem. The engine is rated at 170 HP @ 4200 RPM. It has 295 Ft. Lbs of Torque from 1800 to 2800 RPM. Mercedes is getting these impressive numbers with the help of the common rail injection and the VNT Turbo. This engine is mated to a 6 spd manual transmission. The first few inches of the driveshaft are included. Also included is the ECU and the wire harness to the ECU, the intercooler is also included if needed. We normally sell VW diesel engines for conversions but since they only make front wheel drive cars and many are looking to install a diesel in their pick up or older American car. This would be the perfect set up. Lots of Torque. Mercedes reliablilty. Easy parts availability. The engine & Trans  comes with a 3 month warranty $3899.00

The Long block is identical to the Sprinter Engine. You do need to change parts out to make it work in the Sprinter.  This engine never had to work hard in the car because the vehicle is so much lighter then the Sprinter. So what we have here is a engine that is barely broken in. The OM612 was used in the Sprinter from 2001-2003. From 2004 thru 2006 the Sprinter came with an OM647 Engine. It is my understanding that the blocks are interchangeable. I never personally did the conversion from OM647 to OM612 but many in Europe have done so. My engine comes with the water cooled alternator you can use that in the sprinter or use the sprinter alternator on my block. The turbo will not work without modifications so you would need to use your Turbo on my Engine. No core charge is required on this engine. 

Engine without the trans if being used for SPRINTER $2899.00 AS IS.